General Agents Association - MassMutual Financial Group


The General Agents Association of the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company was organized at a meeting of the Company's General Agents held at Springfield, Massachusetts, September 10, 1924. At that meeting, the Constitution and Bylaws under which the organization functions were adopted. Warren G. Flynn, General Agent in St. Louis, was at that time elected the first President of the Association.


We are an association of Massachusetts Mutual General Agents. Our mission is to encourage cooperation among its members, share the knowledge and experience of the members with each other; to be the body through which the officers of the Company may secure reliable information and unselfish suggestions in regard to conditions affecting Company interests in the field. We want to foster a spirit of cooperation, interdependence and communication between Home Office associates, field associates and fellow General Agents; to be, at all times, a constructive force in the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company.